Peter Clifford

Wanting to change People’s lives, Peter made a decision. Leave the corporate world and do something that makes a difference. Mid-June, Peter traveled to Kansas and met the TITLE Boxing Club Team. Ready for criticism, Peter only found accolades. TITLE Boxing Club’s team is made up of All Stars. From the CEO, Susan Boresaw, to the Marketing Team, Realestate Team, Operations, they ALL are excellent at what they do All-Stars of all believe in what TITLE Boxing Club is and does for people. It is a passion & purpose. OMG who wants to wake up in the morning, excited to go to work and have a purpose? Yes, I do!!!
After much due diligence, Peter decides to go with TITLE Boxing Club for his next Adventure. Peter has owned business’s in the past and worked for Fortune 500 companies for 20+ years.
Location-Location-Location- After working with Title boxing Real Estate and a Broker Peter finds the perfect spot. Nestled in the back of a courtyard that features a bridge and waterfall, two high end restaurants, a Brewery, and Salon, Peter finds a space that features 25 foot ceilings, and industrial look, and mezzanine overlooking the inside space.
We can not wait to change lives and encourage people. We want to be the best hour of your day!!!
Peter Clifford and his wife, Melissa, are the Owners/Franchisee’s at TITLE Boxing Club of Camp Hill.

pete stars.jpg