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What to expect your first class

So, your nervous, you never boxed before, and the butterflies are churning. Don't worry, 99% of the 6,000 people who have walked through the door the first time have never boxed before wither. Once you come in, you will be greeted and feel right at home. There are first time guests in almost every class and remember all those people there, well they had to take a first class too. The TITLE staff will have a guest registration for you, we will get you your own set of wraps and then take you to your locker. We will have a bag with your name on it and a pair of loaner gloves for you to use. A coach will help you get wrapped up. You will need to protect those wrists and knuckles because you will be hitting a 100# heavy bag for 10 rounds. The coach will go over the basics with you. How to stand properly, some basic footwork and then go through the six basic punches with you. Here is a video that shows that.

The TV Monitor will have a timer on the screen counting down to class start. Once that bell rings your trainer will have on a headset and mic and the music will be getting you hyped up. Remember we are getting warmed up to box, don't go out too hard to start. Once the warm up is complete we will be doing some boxer core work. We will be doing sit ups and crunches and a variety of core exercises. The routines are fundamentally the same, but never the same. Once core is complete, you will have a minute to get your gloves on. Don't worry a staff member will help you get those gloves on. Then it happens. The bells rings to start the first round. Each round is 3 minutes long. The rounds are designed like a real fight. The first few rounds you will be throwing some jabs and some short combos just like a fighter feeling out their opponent. The rounds will progressively get harder. There will be some defensive moves, like slips and rolls thrown into the mix. As a first timer it can seem a little complicated, but you will come to the realization that this is a skilled workout. So, we tell our first time guests, don't worry about the combo, just hit that bag. Then the final bell rings and you feel empowered, excited, and exhausted all at the same time. Wow, did I just do that? yes you did. all those butterflies are gone and you feel a sense of accomplishment for crushing your first class. No it wasn't easy. The class never gets easier, you just get better. You can't wait to do it again. Remember to hydrate and stretch after class, you are going to feel that in the morning.

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